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Family Bathroom Suites.

Every bathroom should be a place that you can enjoy, relax and unwind in.

But a busy family bathroom suite needs to work a little harder to accommodate the requirements of everyone in the household. However young or old.

The trick with a multi-general family bathroom is finding the right balance between the two.

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Family Bathroom Design.

When it comes to family bathroom design durable fixtures are ideal if you have a young family. Especially if your children see the bathroom as a fun and exciting place to be.

But it’s just as important that the design delivers on your needs, providing a place of escapism, and somewhere you can enjoy.

At More Bathrooms we’ve got it covered.

Our range of family bathrooms are tailored to meet the needs of the entire family. As a minimum we will recommend:

> Ample Family Bathroom Storage Solutions

> Eco-Friendly Brassware, Sanitary Ware and Accessories

> Anti-Scold Thermostatic Controls

> Easy To Clean Surfaces

> Anti-Slip Flooring Options

All of which you can see first-hand at our Bathroom Showrooms.

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Full Service Bathroom Design & Installation.

Managing your own bathroom renovation project can be disruptive at the best of times; never mind when you have a family to contend with.

Our full design and installation service means we'll be with you every step of the way, removing as much of hassle and stress as possible.

From our surveyors and designers who will visit you at home. Through to our in house team of multi-skilled installers who will bring your family bathroom to life.

Our full bathroom design and installation service puts our customers first, assuring complete peace of mind comes as standard.

Make Your Dream Family Bathroom A Reality.

If you’re ready to start creating a stunning family bathroom that is fun and functional then More Bathrooms can help.

To arrange a design survey you can either book your free design appointment online or contact a friendly member of our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.

To be confident you're in great hands you can also read some of our latest case studies and testimonials.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver. We are Yorkshires only 5* rated bathroom design and installation company. And our showrooms are home to 100's of thank you cards and letters of appreciation.

Family Bathroom FAQ's

What makes a family bathroom design different from other bathroom styles, and how does it cater to the needs of families?

A family bathroom design is tailored to accommodate the needs of multiple family members of varying ages. It typically includes features like double basins, ample storage, and durable materials to withstand daily use.

What are some key considerations when designing a family-friendly bathroom?

When designing a family bathroom, it's essential to consider safety, functionality, and organisation. Features like non-slip flooring, easy-to-clean surfaces, and a well-organised storage system are important.

Are there space-saving solutions available for smaller family bathrooms?

Yes, for smaller family bathrooms, you can opt for space-saving fixtures like corner vanities, wall-mounted storage, and compact baths or smaller shower units to maximise space while still accommodating the needs of your family.

What safety features should I consider when designing a family bathroom for young children or elderly family members?

Safety features may include slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, rounded countertop edges, and thermostatically controlled water systems to prevent scalding. These additions ensure a safer bathroom environment for children and elderly parents and/or family members.

What sets your family bathroom design and installation service apart from others in the industry?

A true full-service provider, our family bathroom design and installation service stand’s out due to our commitment to offering a personalised service, our attention to detail, and dedication to customer experience. We prioritise functionality, safety, and personalisation to cater to the unique needs of you and your family.