How much value does a bathroom renovation add?

Published: 4 June 2024

We make changes within our home for all sorts of reasons. Some may want to keep up with the latest design trends, others to improve practicality, while others want to increase the home's value.

The bathroom is a major room within the home that contributes to our overall health and well-being and significantly has a say on the house's value, depending on whether it is well maintained and the design appeals to the buyer.

According to Resi a bathroom refurbishment can increase the value of your home between 4-5%.

However, this shouldn’t be taken literally as the bathroom design and level of interest come into play along with other factors that impact the price of the home. Not to say that a new bathroom isn’t worthwhile.

As leading experts within the bathroom industry and delivering refurbished bathrooms, our team brought their heads together to break down all the different factors from design, and quality, that impact the value of a bathroom and the home.

How much value does a bathroom renovation add to your home?

To keep it nice and simple our team has broken down three different types of renovations that will help individuals gauge the percentage value increase depending on their level of investment towards the bathroom.

Budget renovation

Starting with a budget renovation, this refurbishment prioritises the functionality of a room rather than the high-end materials.

It doesn’t mean that the space can’t be transformed into a bathroom spectacle. It’s about the necessities.

A budget-friendly bathroom will most likely comprise not changing the layout, you’ll take out the existing features and replace them with new bathroom design features.

You can look to spend roughly between £3,000 - £7,000 for full budget-friendly refurbishment.

> Flooring

The flooring in your bathroom can be a stand-out feature and has the power to showcase your personality within the bathroom. There are a few recommended flooring material options that will fit perfectly with a budget-friendly bathroom.

Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for budget-friendly bathrooms, mainly due to the overall value they produce.

Ceramic tiling is a durable bathroom flooring option, made from a clay compound mixture, they can stand the everyday wear and tear in the bathroom or if any objects are dropped onto the floor.

You can create a unique style that matches the overall design of your bathroom, thanks to the amount of designs and styles that are available.

Generally easy to maintain, the smooth finish means that all it takes is regular mopping to wipe away any spills and dirt that may appear on its surface.

Vinyl flooring:

Most probably the cheapest flooring option for a bathroom, that being said we should not overlook it because of its list of qualities that it brings in a bathroom design.

Available in a few different vinyl flooring options that can be fit as part of a bathroom design.

Along with the different vinyl flooring options it is relatively easy to install, typically using either the peel-and-stick method or the rigid lock system.

Just like the ceramic tile it is available in various styles and designs, that can be picked to suit the design of the bathroom.

Adding to its list of qualities it is easy to clean, water resistant, and depending on which vinyl flooring option you decide to go for can be incredibly resistant to scratches and dents, making it a viable option long term.

Laminate flooring:

Not all would agree on having laminate flooring in the bathroom but it can be a practical cost-effective option for the bathroom design, providing you get the water-resistant option, you’ll have a flooring option that will last you for years to come.

For the laminate flooring option, you have many styles and designs that you can choose from that can help complement the overall design of your bathroom.

The laminate floor has a smooth top layer, which is easy to clean, and we recommend keeping the space as dry as possible to reduce the risk of any damage.

> Walls

Depending on the design of the bathroom, individuals may look to make changes to the wall as part of the renovation of the room. Some of the budget-friendly options and changes that we can seamlessly make can enhance our design's appeal and they include:

Painting the walls:

Painting the bathroom walls is the most cost-effective option for refurbishing the walls, and offers the most flexibility due to the plethora of options you can choose from.

The most cost-effective option is to paint the walls of the bathroom.

Offering the most flexibility with the amount of colour options that you can choose from that can be painted onto the bathroom walls.

That being said the type of paint you opt for is important for the performance and longevity of the bathroom.

Bathrooms are susceptible to moisture from the steam of your shower which if not dealt with over time can lead to condensation.

To stop potential humidity from occurring, the best paint options for the bathroom are:

> Satin

> Semi-gloss

> Glossy finish

> Acrylic

Any other water-resistant paint options would be suitable for the bathroom wall. We recommend speaking to experts in the bathroom design industry, such as ourselves, who can advise you further on the best paint wall finish options.

Ceramic tiling:

Just like the flooring, ceramic tiling is a fantastic luxury option that can fit as part of a budget-friendly bathroom design.

If you have gone for ceramic tiling for the floor and have some spare then it could be worthwhile to use them, for the walls and create a design synergy within the bathroom.

An essential bathroom quality they possess is that they are water resistant which is great, especially for those who love a hot shower.

Incredibly durable and can be sustained over a long period typically - between 10-20 years - as long as they are looked after well, which usually requires no more than a regular mop or wipe.

Of course, the part everyone loves is that the design options for ceramic tiling are endless from the way they look, the finish, and the size.

Bathroom wallboards:

Growing in popularity, bathroom wallboards are making people turn their heads and pay more attention to them because of their evolution in recent years.

A cost-effective option and suitable for a budget-friendly bathroom, wallboards are the perfect bathroom option.

How they have been designed has allowed them to be waterproof. They also require little to no maintenance remain in pristine condition and remain intact for a long period.

> Fixtures & fittings

As for the main features of the bathroom, we’ll be looking at the materials that can be included in a budget-friendly bathroom design:

Bath & shower:


Acrylic bathtubs are a popular affordable choice when it comes to choosing the bathtub. A durable option that is light, retains heat and can last a long time.

The same reasons apply to showers whether it's an enclosure or walk-in shower. In addition to the qualities that have been mentioned about acrylic, it can also come in various sizes and is easy to clean.

However, it comes with its shortfalls as it is easy to scratch and can be discoloured over time.


A ceramic toilet is a good quality option that fits in a budget-friendly toilet.

A smooth white ceramic toilet can be considered a long-term investment since it can fit in well with most bathroom designs.

In addition to its versatility, it is also durable and if it is regularly cleaned it can remain in tip-top condition for several years.

We recommend going for this option as it can be a long-term toilet option.

You should look to match it with the basin for the bathroom which is also available in various sizes, colours and shapes.

Ceramic is also quite resistant to stains and scratches, which is why it makes an excellent option for a budget-friendly kitchen design and can help drum up the value of the bathroom.

> Lighting

LED lighting:

There are a variety of LED lighting options that can be fit in the bathroom. LED lighting is the most cost-effective lighting option and is environmentally friendly too.

It can cost slightly more than the incandescent lighting options but as for efficiency, it can be a long-term solution that will save you money in the future.

These are material options that can help to guide you if you’re thinking of a budget-friendly bathroom design. You must consider the longevity and quality of fixtures that you want to go for.

Considering these materials and the choice of other materials will help determine how much value the new bathroom could add to the overall house valuation.

Depending on how much you spend between the recommended £3,000 - £7,000 for a bathroom design the potential return on investment is high, providing that the design visually appeals and quality is assured then it can add between 3 - 5% to your home’s value.

Standard renovation

If you want to spend a bit more on the bathroom design for a more standard or mid-range budget then bathroom features are abundant across different finishes.

Standard renovations typically offer quality products and more bespoke options that align themselves more with the personality, needs, and preferences of an individual.

For a complete overhaul of a standard bathroom, you can look to spend between £7,000 and £15,000 which would provide you with a brand new renovation.

We are going to jump into the different factors that make up a standard renovation.

> Layout

With a larger budget, you can look to make more bespoke changes to the bathroom, which could mean reconfiguring the bathroom layout if possible.

If this is something that you’re thinking about then we highly recommend bringing in professionals such as ourselves to help you consider your layout options.

Changing the layout of the bathroom could significantly improve the room's practicality and therefore could make the difference in adding value to the home’s value.

It’s the furniture that is easy to rearrange but when it comes down to the other major features, the shower, bathtub, toilet and basin that contain pipes then it could seem a bit more complex but it's not to say that it isn’t possible.

Just as we mentioned, the goal is to add value to the home and changing the layout could mean that it looks different to other homes on the street and stir up more desire.

> Storage

Storage is essential in bathrooms and for a mid-range (standard) renovation it is a key element that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Bathroom storage shows completeness and practicality for several reasons.

You’ll have a place to put your items keeping the bathroom clean and tidy. Built-in solutions such as vanities, wall cabinets, or shelves are smart solutions as they maximise the bathroom space and reduce the feeling of being cramped within the room.

The type of storage that you decide to go for is equally as important, you have a few options that you can choose from:

> Bathroom shelving

> Floating vanity

> Mirrored cabinets

> Shelves

Depending on the design of your bathroom, explore all the bathroom storage design options and even go through them with a designer to help you decide which option or it could be a combination of them to see which ones would work best for the design.

Without forgetting about quality, for a mid-range bathroom design, it is better to invest in well-made materials and finishes that are durable.

Bathrooms are constantly exposed to water, which means that without the correct materials or installation, water damage or condensation can occur, resulting in bathroom features needing replacement.

Materials for a standard bathroom offer a nice return on investment as you won’t be overspending or underspending. You’ll have the perfect bathroom that will withstand the test of time for years to come.

> Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring:

The versatile, man-made material has a list of qualities that suit a mid-range bathroom perfectly.

Luxury vinyl flooring provides warmth underfoot and it offers a range of designs, patterns even finishes of stone and wood making it seem more just like the real thing.

Relatively easy to fit as part of a bathroom design, the luxury vinyl tile flooring is also relatively low in maintenance.

Natural stone tile:

Installing natural stones such as ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble and limestone as part of the bathroom, can help to appeal to the house overall appeal which can increase the value of the home.

Despite the initial cost of natural stone, it is well worth noting that it offers the luxurious finish that most desire as they’re limited resources.

Coming with tile, plank or mosaic finish, the natural stone tiles can be simple to repair and maintain - that is if you use quality grout, reducing the likelihood of potential water damage occurring.

If you’re worried about any potential cracks happening within the bathroom area then, it is pretty simple to remove a tile and to replace it within a couple of minutes. That being said, it can withstand daily wear without breaking and would require quite a heavy item to break it.

Engineered wood:

Yes, we know what you’re probably thinking, that water and wood do not mix, and we are not doing to dispute that.

Many desire the wooden floor finish effect and this can be achieved within the bathroom.

Like luxury vinyl flooring, engineered flooring comprises a top layer of solid hardwood bonded with adhesives to several layers of plywood.

It is a relatively easy fit the engineered wood is made to look and feel like hardwood flooring and to be fit the planks are interlocked and laid across the floor.

For maintenance, it requires sweeping and mopping to keep it clean and stain-free.

> Walls

When it comes to making changes to the wall in the bathroom there are a bunch of design tricks and that can be made that can make the bathroom’s appeal skyrocket.

For a mid-range bathroom, there is no holding back as you can spend a little bit more and make it a bit more personable which will give you the desired tranquil atmosphere if that is what you desire.

Ceramic tiling:

Popping up again in our article the popularity of ceramic tiling doesn’t seem to fade. We can’t run away from the fact that it just goes hand-in-hand with bathroom design.

In a mid-range bathroom design, ceramic tiling for the wall is the way to go but with a bit more budget in hand, you have a few more options available to you including classic, textured tiles and mosaic tiles.

When it comes to textured tiles they can catch the interest of those who step into the bathroom. They can come in different patterns such as waves, ripples and geometric shapes.

As expressed earlier ceramic tiling is that it is easy to maintain, and water resistant.

Acrylic wall panels:

A bathroom wall feature that has turned heads over the last few years. Acrylic panels or bathroom wall panels known to others are increasing in popularity.

Their admiration has soared because of the vast designs that are available. This makes complete sense for a mid-range bathroom, individuals will be able to choose bathroom wall panels that match the bespoke design of the bathroom, adding to the room's overall aesthetic and a look into the personality portrayed.

They are also considered to be the future when it comes to making changes to the bathroom wall and this is down to their durability.

They are typically installed on the inside walls of the showers and baths which are regularly exposed to water, but the wall panels are waterproof. The acrylic will even block the little bit of moisture that makes its way through.

Acrylic panels are also considered to be a fitter's dream because they are very easy and quick for them to install.

> Fixtures & fittings:

Baths & shower:

People love the idea of having a choice and in a standard bathroom renovation designing a bathroom with a shower and a bath in one area can lodge a memory for house buyers.

Let’s say for instance you have a large bathroom you might look into exploring having a shower enclosure or a walk-in shower in one area with a bathtub installation in another part of the room.

But focusing on the average size (2.3m x 2.7m) of a bathroom in the UK, the likelihood of having both of these features installed separately is slim.

To optimise the bathroom space you can look to put the shower above the bath, with either a p-shaped, or l-shaped bath design.

Stepping up from the budget-friendly bathroom instead of an acrylic bath you can look into the steel bath which is a great option.

Similar in appearance to the acrylic bath, steel baths are more rigid and harder to stain which makes them a reliable durable investment - good news for those who love a soak. They can also retain heat for long periods.

They are also good for those with large families as the surface is hard to scratch meaning it will withstand everyday uses.

Adding to the overall beauty of a standard bathroom is the installation of a wall-hung toilet. They’re closely associated with modern and contemporary bathroom fixtures. Creating a floating toilet feel and further enhancing the openness and sense of space within the bathroom.

> Lighting

In a mid-range bathroom, you can look to be creative with lighting by adding decorative lighting such as task, and accent lighting.

With accent lighting and task lighting, you can affect the mood of the room depending on the design. You can look to include recessed bathroom lights, and that can set the bathroom mood.

This could be furthered with illuminated mirrors, especially if you looking to concentrate on certain areas of the bathroom.

Where possible it would be to opt for LED lighting and to make it standard practice when choosing light options.

Taking all the information of standard bathroom design, you can expect to spend between £7,000 - £15,000, for a full bathroom refurbishment, which can result in around a 4-7% increase on the overall house value.

Luxury renovation

Now onto the final breakdown of a bathroom design which is the luxury side of bathrooms. Usually requiring more thought, the fittings of bespoke features make up a luxury design.

> Layout

Making changes to the layout of the bathroom can be a strategic move in a luxury bathroom renovation, especially with the level of investment that will be going into the bathroom renovation. You’ll want to make sure that no stone goes unturned and the design is perfect

As you know by now a bathroom design can impact the desirability and the overall value of your home. Chances are high that you’ll likely have a large area within the bathroom and many edits can be made to put your house at the top of the deck when it comes to interest.

If this is something that you’re looking at doing, then you’ll most likely want to create a design that optimises the bathroom space and creates a 4-piece bathroom design, with a separate shower and bath.

> Storage

In a luxury bathroom, you’ll want to be more creative, and make it work not only for you but for the other bathroom users.

You’ll also want the storage to truly capture the eye of people who come and use the bathroom. For instance, in most bathrooms, they’ll have a single vanity which is a necessity. Provided there is enough space you’ll want to opt for a double vanity unit with drawers which will give you plenty of space to put your toiletries, leaving your countertop free and the bathroom with a minimalist look.

Another storage option that fits in perfectly with the luxurious bathroom is looking at built-in shower niches. These are little square or rectangular shelves that can come with accent lighting and provide a place for you to store showering equipment.

The final option is to fit either an open-end wall-hung shelving or open cabinets aligning to a modern luxury bathroom design. This also gives you easy access to items without having to mess around in the cupboard.

> Flooring

To set the tone in a luxury bathroom you’ll have to opt for a beautiful flooring option and one that is strong, waterproof, and durable:

Natural stone:

Choosing between going for natural stone tiling, such as marble or granite as one of your natural stone choices, is one of the most important and best decisions that you can make for a luxury bathroom.

Natural is extremely hard wearing, and is stain and heat-resistant. With proper care, it can last for decades.

It would be worth putting underfloor heating if going for a natural stoning is something that you’ll consider to ensure that you reduce condensation and keep your feet warm.

Luxury vinyl tiling:

Thanks to technological advancements, luxury vinyl flooring has made it easy for materials such as vinyl flooring to look like the real thing, whether you’re searching for a wooden, or stone finish.

Luxury vinyl tiles are the way for the future with their endless list of qualities, plus it will allow the individual to focus on other areas of the luxury bathroom design, whilst still having an opulent flooring finish.

> Walls

Wooden wall panels (polyurethane wooden bathroom wall panels):

This feature has risen recently that more and more people are taking a chance on and it is paying off.

The most appropriate wood for the bathroom is engineered wood, because of its robust and stable surface that is also water resistant.

However, that does leave you with the conundrum of the type of finish and design, which you can go through and ask a designer for advice. We must add though that they are a great way to add warmth and create a spa-like feeling in the bathroom.

Since wood panelling is relatively a new concept for the bathroom, not many designs would have this type of fitting, and would be a great feature that would certainly be a factor in how much the value of the home increases.

Large stone slabs:

Natural stones and a luxury bathroom design are two peas in a pod and that is down to the attractiveness of stone finishes they can give the bathroom a wow factor that will no doubt be a deciding factor as to how much value a bathroom renovation adds to the final house price.

If you have already opted for a stone finish for your floor then it would be best to go for the same option to match and create a seamless overall design finish.

Seek the advice of experts like ourselves at More Bathrooms and other tiling professionals who can provide you with details for the best tile wall option and further design advice.

Creative tiling:

If you fancy being a bit creative then you can look at the more intricate design options such as the mosaic, herringbone and shower murals which can create which can make quite a statement and get the users to talk about the creativity of your bathroom.

> Fixtures & fittings

The big features of the bathroom, are the ones that can voice which type of bathroom has been designed.

Bath & shower

The bath and shower areas of a luxury bathroom need their areas to create a stunning 4-piece suite, providing that you have the space to do so.

A free-standing bath is typically the centrepiece focal point of a luxury bathroom, however, other options are clawfoot tubs which can be fit in a traditional luxury bathroom design.

The luxury that a freestanding bathroom provides is that it is available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

As for a shower, you can potentially go for a large walk-in shower which will give you a large open spacious feel, and give you the ability to have a spa-like experience.

In addition, you can enhance the aesthetics of the walk-in shower with high-end finishes such as brass fittings and creative shower mural tiling.

You could go for a glass shower enclosure which is an elegant contemporary design that is built around a shower panel and the rest is entirely made up of glass. It is quite appealing to homeowners as it is relatively low in maintenance, and the removal of spots is pretty easy.

With both the bath and shower in place then you’ll have the option for either a soak or quick shower or just the luxury of being able to pick the one you like at that moment in time.

That could play in your favour as it will be more desirable to those looking to purchase a home.

> Lighting

There are quite a few options at your disposal when it comes to choosing luxury bathroom lighting.

As we have mentioned throughout the luxury renovation, you can be quite creative and the same goes for the lighting options.

A well-placed chandelier can add the final finishing touch to the luxury bathroom, adding glamour to the room.

Pendant lighting is also an excellent functional style that you can add to a luxury bathroom. This also includes considering the height of a pendant light as it can highlight the focal point of a bathroom depending on where you decide to place it in the room.

In a luxury bathroom, you can expect to spend £15,000 and upwards due to the level of quality and detail that goes into it.

It could be a major selling point for buyers after creating a positive first impression and can even signify that the entire bathroom has been well-maintained.

When buyers see some of the items in place it can help the buyers to perceive it as more valuable and may be willing to go a little bit extra for the home.

Although a large amount of investment goes into a luxury bathroom design it is worth noting that you won’t see the same return on the house value but creating a bespoke design that is attractive will most probably sell faster.

Enhanced comfort that adds value

If you’re not entirely looking to completely refurbish the bathroom, then it might be worth looking at different features that you can replace, to improve the chances of increasing the value of the bathroom.

Modern fixtures:

Staying in line with your design, you can look to upgrade with the latest fixtures like shower heads and faucets which might be small but could be a couple of thousand pounds difference in how your bathroom is perceived in value.

Improved lighting:

Another option is looking at your lighting options for the bathroom, and that could mean speaking to design advisors who can explore light options or make some design changes including accent, task and nich lighting in different areas.

For example, you can add dimmer lighting, to help set the mood or task lighting under the cabinet, and recessed lighting on the walls.

Relaxation features:

A bathroom can be versatile. Yes, it is a space that you use for hygiene purposes, but you can also use it as a space to completely relax and get a personal spa-like experience. Some of the features that you can include are simple. It could be changing the bathroom design with white and wooden features, adding in some marble accents and plants to name a few.

Energy efficiency that adds value

When considering the features of a bathroom keep it as best practice to go for features that are energy efficient.

Low-flow faucets and toilets:

Take for instance low-flow toilets, they’re the perfect energy-efficient fixtures that preserve water due to how they’re designed.

There are plenty of energy-saving faucets that are available, they limit the amount of water coming out of the tap, therefore reducing the water wastage.

Shower timers:

Shower towers are a fantastic versatile tool; additionally, they only use energy when used.

Having these bathroom features fit as part of your bathroom design is a great way they can add value to the house as you’ll have features that save you money in the long run.

Functionality that adds value

Ample storage:

To ensure the functionality of a bathroom and for it to reach its maximum potential, storage is a feature that is essential.

Its properties include a place to store your toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials, and if you get it right then it can complement your overall bathroom design.

To look at it on a functional view it will help to keep the bathroom organised.

Efficient layout:

When thinking about the bathroom design, it is essential to think about the room's workflow.

You must create a design to make it efficient for you and others to manoeuvre and operate in. That will mean typically looking at the bigger features of the bathroom, which include the toilet, sink and shower area, to ensure that the features are easily accessible.

You’ll also want a room that is easy to clean and maintain.

The secret to walking into a tidy bathroom, that is functional and effective is to get the layout right.

Well-lit vanity:

Lit-bathroom features are becoming more popular in modern bathroom designs for design and functionality purposes.

Aside from the fact that they are visually attractive, they offer users the chance to perform grooming and makeup with enhanced lighting. This also becomes very useful at night when the sun has gone down.

Taking some of the bathroom features that we have mentioned above, there are a few bathroom features that you search online that can meet the criteria for storage and features that have lighting.

As for an efficient layout, it would be best to seek the advice of professionals within the industry such as ourselves to help you decide which layout would be best for your bathroom design.

But our favourite that we think you should consider at all costs is a wall-hung vanity unit. This bathroom feature is a perfect functional bathroom feature that is high value. It can give ample storage drawers so that you will be able to place your bathroom toiletries.

Above it, you can place an LED mirror, and then once you have both it's about fitting them in a place within the bathroom that is the most suitable.

Timeless design that adds value

It is always worth considering that when you’re designing a new bathroom that includes some timeless features or opt for trends that never go out of style.

It could be used as a selling point for the bathroom, which the potential buyer may look at as they might not need to make changes to the wall or other bathroom features if they are already featuring timeless features, which could even sway them in the direction of offering more and purchasing the home.

Natural colour palette:

Keeping it nice and simple, you could opt for white, beige, or light grey these colours usually can seamlessly integrate themselves as part of almost every design.

These light-toned colours also have the power to be able to make the room seem more open than it is.

High quality finishes:

Opting for features that have high quality is always a good road to go down, as in more instances than not they will hold their value because of their durability, and ease of maintenance.

Classic tile options:

As for the type of tiles that you decide on, subway white tiling whether they are the smaller or large format is a safe bet for the bathroom. The classic design which is quite stylish, is relatively easy to clean, and fit.

These tiles create a spacious ambience that makes the room more bright.

Take the three elements of considering neutral colours, opting for high-quality finishes and if you are having tiles, going for the simple yet stylish, subway tiles.

They can have an impact on how much your bathroom is valued if your bathroom is versatile, simple and durable. These features are reliable and a potential buyer would put more trust in them knowing they will last.

We can help you design a new bathroom that will add value to your home

That completes our expert's view on a bathroom renovation and the most important elements we think you should consider when you’re thinking of refurbishing your bathroom design.

Of course, we don’t exactly know what is going to happen in the future but in case you look at other options and want to move, an appealing bathroom would certainly push your house up the list for potential buyers and value too.

It would also be worth looking at the current market trends to make some bathroom feature adjustments just to keep up to date.

A huge one is consistently consulting with qualified professionals like us within the bathroom industry, and estate agencies to see what the best possible solution you can come up with is.

Add value to your bathroom with the help of More Bathrooms and book a free design appointment or call us!


How long does a typical bathroom renovation take?

A brand-new bathroom renovation timeframe can vary depending on the complexity of the job, but if we are to put an average time around a brand-new bathroom renovation, it would be

but to put an average timeframe on it would be between 2-4 weeks, for the standard bathroom refurbishment.

As for a luxury bathroom refurbishment that will take longer as there is usually more detail to the design.

What are some budget-friendly alternatives for high-end finishes?

There are a few options that are available to you that are cost-friendly but suit a high-end luxury bathroom finish.

You can look to fit porcelain or subway tiles which look closely in appearance to natural stone.

Look to seek the advice of bathroom designers and bathroom businesses who will be able to point you in the right direction to get luxury bathroom finishes alternatives.

Should I consider ventilation improvement during my renovation?

Ventilation is a bathroom necessity, without it your bathroom would not last long and would require regular maintenance.

Plus proper ventilation prevents moisture build-up, mould growth and unpleasant odours.

You have a few bathroom ventilation options that you have available to you and this could include, the installation of an exhaust fan or an extractor fan.

A window can also be classed as a natural ventilation system for a bathroom.

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