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Jack And Jill En-suites | More Bathrooms

13 May 2021

Jack and jill bathroom

Connected to two separate bedrooms, Jack and Jill en-suites, consist of two entrances, making the suite easily accessible by either bedroom.If you’re wondering whether a Jack and Jill bathroom would work in your home, this article breaks down their benefits and drawbacks.

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Planning Your Bathroom Layout | More Bathrooms

21 April 2021

No description available

The first point of call when renovating your bathroom or shower room , your bathroom layout design should work with you to meet all of your requirements.

To help you make the most of your available space, this article breaks down how to plan a bathroom layout and all of the factors you need to consider.

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Half Tiled V's Full Tiled Bathroom Designs | More Bathrooms

10 March 2021

half tiled bathroom

Breaking down the pros and cons of half tiled vs full tiles bathroom designs this article answers your frequently asked questions.

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips | More Bathrooms

18 February 2021

Clean shower head

This detailed guide highlights our favoured bathroom cleaning tips including easy routines and the tricks to getting rid of grime build up in common areas.

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