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Published: 4 January 2023

If you’re beginning to think about giving your bathroom a makeover, you’re in the right place.

With 2022 behind us, we’re turning our attention to what bathroom trends are going to be popular throughout 2023, what’s growing in popularity, and what’s fading from the limelight.

So, here it is. In our latest blog, we caught up with More Bathrooms’ Senior Designer, Julie, to find out what trends we’re likely to see in the year ahead and what you need to be keeping your eyes out for…

Let The Darkness In

We’ll start by sharing a trade secret here.

Bathrooms tend to follow kitchen trends, picking up what’s proved to be popular with shoppers a year down the line. We work with a lot of manufacturers who also operate within the kitchen and bedroom space to offer a full home improvement service and, typically, any new trends are tested on kitchens first before being brought to the bathroom market.

So, what are we going to see in 2023? we’re going to see more and more people opting for darker colours in the bathroom.

Black has been out of the market for a while - with many opting for a pallet of greys - but is re-emerging. Those different shades of black can be paired with wood finishes that bring real warmth to the space.

Lighting Spaces To Reflect Our Mood

Bathrooms are becoming zonal and people are looking at how they can bring different lighting zones to their bathrooms.

Under-unit and flooring lighting is becoming increasingly popular. These have been a big shift away from thinking about lighting as something that is merely restricted to the ceiling.

The key thing is having them all on separate switches which is giving people the chance to play around with the mood of the room.

Wood Finished Are Coming Back

Let’s go back to what was popular with kitchens in 2022.

When it comes to the bathroom storage, we’re seeing a lot of greens and blues emerging in popularity within the bathroom. We have seen wood finishes disappear over the years, but they too are re-emerging.

Timbers are being mixed with dark colours (another mention for black here) to bring warmth into the space. Gloss is being ditched for matte finishes, all with the aim of making bathrooms feel more intimate and comfortable.

Is Pottery Making A Comeback?

Ahead of 2023, the biggest shift is with coloured pottery.

It is worth pointing out, that this has been tried on numerous occasions and never really taken off. We always come back to white. But, at the moment, on toilets and basins, there are a lot of stone colours, greys and blacks coming through that are complemented by mixed metals, golds and brushed brass fittings.

It works really well, giving the bathroom an intimate, eclectic feel. For years, bathrooms have been built with white marble everywhere, a space that is really light and bright.

Will pottery take off this time? I guess we’re going to find out.

Making Use Of The Spacing

We tend to build a lot of walls within bathrooms now.

Most people like the idea of a few niches, a place to house shower gels and things like that. It comes down to how you interpret bathroom design.

There’s the one hand where you work with everything in the position it is now then there’s the other hand where you switch everything up, looking at ways to maximise the space and make the room feel bigger.

With a bigger bathroom, you can move things around. More walls can be brought into the room, bringing design into the middle rather than the and putting up new walls perimeter as we so often see. For example, putting up a wall that has a shower at the rear and a bath in front of it.

There’s all sorts that can be achieved with a bit of imagination.

The End Of Rose Gold And The Rise Of Copper

And last but not least, the metals.

Black is still very popular. Brush brass is as well. We’re starting to see rose gold’s prominence drop away, while we’re seeing copper become increasingly popular.

Do You Need Help Giving Your Bathroom A New Look In 2023?

Now you have an idea about the latest upcoming trends, perhaps you’re now thinking about how you can begin to incorporate them into your own bathroom.

If giving your bathroom a revamp is on your agenda in 2023 and you need help, then get in touch with us. We take care of everything from bathroom design right through to getting it fully fitted. You can book a free design appointment with us today.

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A senior interior designer of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens for just over 30 years, Julies first-hand experience, design expertise and breadth of industry knowledge makes her a fantastic addition to the sales and design team.

Having started her career at a local chemical company in the drawing office Julie quickly turned her hand to interior design first moving to Magnet before settling at Norwood Interiors where she remained for 28 years.

Outside the office Julie is a lover of fine wine and good food, perfectly mixing the two while socialising with friends and enjoying some well-deserved R&R in sunnier climates.

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